Rere els murs del Monestir

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Rere els murs del Monestir. 700 anys d'una història en femení is a virtual journey through the history of the medieval monastery of Pedralbes. This is an in-situ exhibition in which we transport the visitor to the 15th century monastery with a virtual restitution that explains history, architecture and daily life at the time.

We have used 3D technology and virtual reality to create an immersive experience where the user visits the main rooms of the monastery as they were in the 15th century and experiences the evolution through the virtual documentary, the web project and the video game.

  • Monestir de Pedralbes / Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • 2019
  • Project: Digital Reconstruction / Virtual Reality / Serious Game

Immersive 3D.

Live the history.

We have reconstructed in 3D four spaces of the monastery with great historical accuracy: the kitchen, the infirmary, the chapel of Sant Miquel and the cloister.

The detailed reconstruction of the rooms and objects of the monastery has been documented from an historic archive. Many of these objects are part of the museum collection of the Pedralbes Monastery.

The software used for the 3D reconstruction is very specific. It is a video game engine that has great potential creating landscape environments and photorealistic scenes. With this software, we also designed the immersive experience for HTC Vive virtual reality glasses.


The web project.

Browse through history.

The website analyses the 700 years of history and the architectural evolution of the monastery. It explain how the morphology of the building changed to its current state.

The history browsing is done through a timeline. At each period the user can interact with a 3D model that reconstructs what the monastery was like. The user can also check documentation such as photographs of spaces or images of relevant documents in high resolution such as the contract that the monastery signed in the 16th century with the master builder Bertran de Déu to renovate the old infirmary of the monastery.

Training video game.

Get to know the daily life of the monastery.

The serious game or applied video game is an educational and informative tool for all audiences that offers different challenges to the user to discover how was life in the 15th century in the Monastery.

In this video game, the user walks through the cloister, experiments with fresco painting technique of the chapel of Sant Miquel, heals a sick nun in the infirmary with medicinal plants from the garden and prepares a medieval dish in the kitchen.

Virtual exhibition.

A journey through time.

In the virtual reality room, visitors not only watch but virtually step into the main rooms of the medieval monastery.

The exhibition offers visitors an immersive experience inside the monastery. The virtual reality room is located in one of the spaces of the refurbished infirmary at the end of the 16th century. Large-format images immerse the user in the garden of the cloister, in the gilding of the chapel, in the atmosphere of the infirmary and the kitchen with all the utensils used to prepare remedies and cook food. The user can also see these three-dimensional spaces with virtual reality glasses in the same room. The exhibition also features a large-format audiovisual (8×3 meters) that explains the power that the abbesses of Pedralbes had in the Middle Ages and during the early days of the modern era, as well as the conflicts between the most powerful lineages of the time to control the monastery and its heritage. The user can also check the project through two touch screens with access to the website.