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We are a creative and digital innovation studio driven by design. We research new ways of explaining history, art and culture. We connect the knowledge and experiences of culture producers with the possibilities that digital offers, with a high graphic and audiovisual quality.

Investiguem We research and develop bespoke creative and digital solutions and explore narratives to explain exceptional stories and experiences.


We are a multidisciplinary team with solid and long experience in design, art and technology. With our complementary skills we solve any challenge.

Albert Burzon

CEO. Specialist in audiovisual innovation and restitution of cultural heritage

Ester Comenge

CEO. Specialist in digital strategy, design and corporate image

Galo Bertran

Digitization specialist

Raquel Camacho

Specialist in audiovisual communication and project coordinator

Xavi Carol

Audiovisual specialist and motion grapher

Alba Comenge

UX/U designer and Motion Grapher

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