Virtual tour of W Barcelona Hotel

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The W Barcelona virtual tour is more than just an interactive 360º tour. It's like a website that includes all the information the clients need to know and also is a great tool for the sales department, including maps, downloadable items, photo galleries and spectacular 360 time-lapses.

W Barcelona offers a combination of luxury and comfort. This 5 star hotel in Barcelona is located on the beachfront along the famous Barceloneta boardwalk, providing panoramic views over the Mediterranean sea and the catalan city. Explore it by yourself and be our guest.

  • Client: W Barcelona Marriott International
  • Year: 2022
  • Project: Virtual tour

Digitization at its best.

More than hundred 360º photos.

Original 360 photos in 16K resolution pixels, aerial footage, ten photo galleries, hotel info, floor maps, highlights video, time-lapses… Everything is set to experience a high quality immersive tour full of pop-up information and tags.

Each 360º photo is build with 24 HDR photos to achieve perfectly lighted images and even interiors and exteriors, specially when seen through the windows. Includes 6 mind-blowing suites with all the details, terraces and sea views. All the content is easily accessible with a menu and all the tags and icons can be hidden as pleased. This virtual tour can also be experienced in VR mode and it’s screen responsive.