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Immersive audiovisual experience through the mind of Salvador Dalí that allows the viewer to get to know a great genius through the interpretation of his best-known works. We have developed the script for the audiovisual project in several sections that group together different themes from Dalí's work, such as his scientific obsessions, the third and fourth dimensions, nuclear or quantum physics, geometry and DNA.

  • Client: Layers of Reality - La Ideal. Centre d'Arts Digitals
  • 2022
  • Project: Immersive experience / Audiovisual / Mapping

Immersive audiovisual.

A review of Dalí’s legacy

The guiding thread of the audiovisual is the work of Dalí. It is divided into 9 sections separated by transitions, this is how we order the contents.

In the fourth dimension we have animated several works, El Somni de Venus or La Persistència de la Memòria. The golden structure or the dodecahedron or infinite vanishing points are resources that we find in Dali’s work and that we highlight and interpret by animating its elements in order to explain the sacred geometry within a chaos that is ordered.
Works where everything levitates tell us about nuclear physics, Desmaterialització prop del nas de Neró or Un segundo antes del despertar de un sueño provocado por el vuelo de una abeja alrededor de una granada. Here the grenade is the atom and we animate it and give it movement expressing this floating of the elements. And so we touch on all the themes of Dalí’s work until we reach the final part where we focus again on the more autobiographical Dalí where the work talks about his youth by superimposing some paintings, such as El gran masturbador, El molí. Paisatge de Cadaqués and Figura en una finestra, above real images of the landscapes of Cadaqués and Cap de Creus that appear there.

The technology.

Motion graphics and 3D animation.

3D motion and animation techniques such as parallax and animated graphics are the solutions we have used the most and are the most operational when building the visual narrative defined in the script.



  • Client:  IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals
  • Direcció, producció i enginyeria tècnica de projecció: Layers of Reality
  • Banda sonora original: Rafel Plana
  • Curadoria: Imma Fondevila i Anna Pou en col·laboració als Estudios Dalinians de la Fundació Dalí


Equip de Burzon*Comenge:

    • Direcció: Albert Burzon
    • Coordinació: Ester Comenge
    • Edició i Motion graphics: Albert Burzon, Salva Regàs, Marc Calichs
    • Artistes 3D: Albert Burzon, Gerard Vallverdú
    • Ajudants de producció: Xavi Carol, Anna Raja