Centre de Restauració de Béns Mobles de Catalunya Tour Virtual

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The virtual tour of the Centre de Restauració de Béns Mobles de Catalunya is a digital and interactive tour in 360º. This huge complex of the Generalitat de Catalunya has 4,000 m2 and consists 3 floors.

The challenge of this project was to incorporate in the tour the workers performing their day-to-day tasks. To achieve this, the virtual tour has video interviews where the specialists explain their role and tasks in the corresponding area of ​​this spectacular space.

  • Client: Agència Catalana del Patrimoni Cultural
  • Year: 2020
  • Project: Virtual Tour


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We scanned the space with infrared laser to capture the volume of each room and with 360-degree high-resolution photography. The result is a full immersive tour that is even accessible through virtual reality glasses. Screen reader support was enabled.

Opened in 2003, the CRBMC is located in Valldoreix and is the center of reference in Catalonia in terms of conservation and restoration.

The virtual visit allows the user to get a closer look at the journey of a piece of art from its arrival in the centre, through the anoxia room and up to the storeroom wehere the piece waits before to get exhibited. Walking through the workshops and corridors, the user can see the pieces that are being restored and can interact with the hotspots. Some of these are links to interesting video documents and interviews with area heads.

The virtual tour shows the three levels of the center in a stunning 3D perspective, as well as the different floor views.