Virtual tour of the Museu Diocesà de Tarragona

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Space capture creating a virtual tour of the Museu Diocesà de Tarragona. The museum consists of two exhibition areas separated by the galleries of the cathedral cloister. The virtual tour incorporates photographs, detailed descriptions in three languages, and 3D virtual models of some of the exhibits.

  • Client: Museu Diocesà de Tarragona
  • Year: 2020
  • Project: Virtual Tour


Accuracy and quality.

The precision and quality of the 360-degree captures allows the user to appreciate all the works in an immersive way. The tags added to each item give the user detailed information and links to videos or other material that complements the tour.

Through the precise capture and scanning of the space in 3D we obtain an archive in OBJ format that can be archived for future reviews, recreations of pieces or cultural heritage. This is very valuable because good way to preserve a museum is to have a good “backup” in 3D digital scanning.