Branding of the of the Jornada de Patrimoni Cultural

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Design of the branding and campaign of the Jornada de Patrimoni Cultural. The event aims to raise awareness of the worth and captivation of Catalan cultural heritage and intents to strengthen ties with society.

  • Agència Catalana de Patrimoni Cultural - Generalitat de Catalunya
  • 2019
  • Imatge corporativa

The project.

Creating the branding.

The goal was to design a corporate image that would have continuity, year after year, to the different editions of the cultural heritage day and that it has a bespoke identity per day, according to the theme of the edition.

We created a fluid logo. The imagotype is a stain in perspective that changes according to the point of view. The IV Jornada de Patrimoni focused on cultural heritage new narratives, from 3D to immersive storytelling. To work on the visual image of this edition we focused on a 3D mesh and the continuity of this mesh with textures and the finished 3D.